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Gudrun Von Laxenburg

Friends since their teens, July, Christoph and Daniel: A jazz-trained drummer, a classically trained violinist and hard rock guitarist respectively, there was never any question that the Viennese trio wouldn’t enjoy a life in music...

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Welcome... Gudrun Von Laxenburg

We're extremely happy to announce the long in the making signing of Austrian based 3 piece electronic outfit, Gudrun Von Laxenburg.

From a jamming session at a friend’s party to a major label deal and performances at some of Europe’s largest electronic music festivals in the space of seven years with no release history whatsoever: word of mouth, unhurried hype, natural development: Gudrun Von Laxenburg’s story is a rare find in modern music... and it’s as real as their beats.

Over the next few weeks the material will pour and the fuller picture of the trios capabilities will become known to an unassuming public. So... watch this space.

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20 Years of Being Skint

‘20 Years of Being Skint’ celebrates Skint & our rich history of Brassic Beats.

Established in 1995 as a sub-label to the infamous Loaded Records, we quickly became a major player in the independent music scene, releasing a massive range of underground stormers and chart hitting anthems.

To celebrate Skint Records’ 20th Anniversary we've delved into the archive to produce a deluxe 4 LP box set featuring classic Skint tunes over 8 sides of vinyl. 

The release has now hit all the stores and is available at the links below;

iTunes | Spotify | Beatport | Skint

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Justin Robertson's Deadstock 33s

You'd be hard pushed to find an artist who has been both the influenced and the influencer across so many spectrums of music. Renowned for consistently injecting the UK's music scene with vitality, Justin Robertson, in his Deadstock 33s guise, delivers a landmark body of work 'Everything Is Turbulence'.

'Everything Is Turbulence' is laced with various artistic contributors, including Lisa Elle from Dark Horses providing vocals and guitar on 'Metal Taste', Justin's wife Sofia Robertson lends her haunting vocals on 'For One Touch' and 'I Am Automatic', a collaboration between Justin and Daniel Avery, one of the biggest stars to emerge from the electronic scene in recent times, with whom he has a long standing production partnership.

The album is out now on vinyl & digitally via Skint / BMG.

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