Alison Goldfrapp

Alison Goldfrapp has set a towering bar for British synth-pop in the 21st century and she’s only just getting started. The magnetic London-born singer, songwriter and producer’s seven albums with Goldfrapp were fuelled by an unfailing modernity and a sixth sense for sounds that were more timeless than any trend. With the release of her debut solo album The Love Invention — an electrifying dance-pop suite — her multi-faceted musicianship reaches a new peak. “It feels like a new time, and a new era,” Alison says decisively, speaking in her home studio in London. “I feel very strong.”

The Love Invention marks Alison’s reawakening as a dancefloor priestess, in an intoxicating showcase of the disco and house influences that have always been at the heart of her musical DNA. Lead single “So Hard So Hot” bottles the ephemeral joy of a dancefloor with its anthemic house beat, disco handclaps, and an exquisitely alluring vocal from Alison. Listening to her conjures the rapture of nocturnal epiphanies as she sings, “Do you know how the stars were made / Yeah you know how to radiate.” “I wanted to do something that had that very clubby, acid-y feeling to it,” Alison explains. “But I wanted lightness to come out of the chorus – there’s tension there, as well as euphoric freedom.”

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The Love Invention

Alison Goldfrapp

Alison Goldfrapp The Love Invention

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  1. NeverStop
  2. Love Invention
  3. Digging Deeper Now
  4. In Electric Blue
  5. The Beat Divine
  6. Fever (This Is the Real Thing)
  7. Hotel (Suite 23)
  8. Subterfuge
  9. Gatto Gelato
  10. So Hard So Hot
  11. SLoFLo
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