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The new Hercules and Love Affair album, ‘Omnion’, is a vital step forward and sideways from what came before.

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On top of winning numerous awards, 29-year-old British-Japanese DJ/producer Maya Jane Coles has amassed millions of plays on YouTube and Spotify, and can boast a staggering 3.2 million Soundcloud followers! 2017 sees Maya release her most substantial body of work to date; her sophomore album ‘Take Flight’ on her own label, I/AM/ME, that we are extatic to be collaborating with for this, her second album.

Title track of the first EP ‘Won’t Let You Down’ gets the record underway, introducing psychic synth stabs surrounded by her ever endearing lucid atmospherics and impelling drums. ‘Cherry Bomb’ plays with vocal textures alongside immersive synths and heady drum programming, before ‘Round In Circles’ incorporates dub-inspired syncopated beats and intoxicating vocal atmospherics for a hypnotic track - sure to have a seismic impact on dance floors.

Pets Recording bosses Catz n Dogz provide a high-octane remix for ‘Won’t Let You Down’ whilst rising star Paride Saraceni, offers a darker prime-time techno alternative.

Proof that she is never one to rest on her laurels, ‘Won’t Let You Down’ occupies space where most producers cannot dare to dream of reaching – warming her ever growing fan base up for what is certain to be a momentous second album.

‘Won’t Let You Down’ is an exciting progression for Maya Jane Coles, acting as an appetizer for ‘Take Flight’ and the impact it will undoubtedly cause, not just in the electronic music world but beyond too.

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