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The MOB series returns in fine form with an incredible debut to the EP passing this summer featuring Groovebox, Blaqwell, Zenbi, Jan Van Lier & Sergio Fernandez.

MOB:002 opens up with long time Skint, Loaded & Estereo associate Zoo Brazil, who's track, "Mystery", reigns in the familiar essences of latin influenced house music whilst a brazen trumpet powers through to channel the beat.

Sonny Wharton then steps up to the mark with an absolutely ground shaking-ly fierce techno tool. "Octagon" yet again demonstrates the diversity of Wharton's ability with a catalogue of multi-genred tracks from 2013.

To close, we have previously featured Loaded artist, Andrea Fissore, who has developed his sound and gladly offered "Ask Yourself" to the MOB. The Austrian employs powerful synth lines and a defined pulse of the kick drum to round off this EP with three fantastic additions to the mob.

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