X-Press 2, Honey Dijon & Leo Zero

Here we have a record that reigns in the ability of not just one, but three hugely talented artists. Regular Skint associates X-Press 2 team up with the alluring Honey Dijon and the enigmatic Leo Zero to bring a two track EP of House music at its finest.

Keep On introduces the EP in fine XP2 style with a thudding kick drum followed by tribal percussion familiar to their sound of late. Cymbals and vocal cuts push the track along whilst bells ring under a surge of rhythm. A whirlwind of peak time filter is penetrated with synth stabs to keep this the most stand out track of the your night.

Let It Slam follows up with a shuddering bassline eventually lifted through a gurgling vocal accompanied with an equally quivering high pitch tremor. A huge back line takes the track into full flow and delivers a blow to the senses.

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Monday, 29th July 2013

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