Skint & Loaded Records acquired by BMG

Skint & Loaded Records would like to announce that we have been acquired by BMG. The Loaded label was started in 1990 at the beginning of the first dance music explosion in the UK and the Skint label followed in 1995.

JC Reid, who will stay on with the company, said: "The last 24 years have been an enormously exhilarating journey full of many highs and, if there were lows, we've forgotten them. The acquisition by BMG will secure the continuing success of the catalogues of which we're very proud." From the early success of the Loaded label with Wildchild and Pizzaman to the explosion of Big Beat and the worldwide success of the Skint label in the mid Nineties with Fatboy Slim, The Lo Fi's, Bentley Rhythm Ace and Midfield General, the company entered the 21st Century with the same uncertainty as the rest of the music industry. Tim Jeffery, co founder, adds: "Perhaps because we've always embraced all styles of electronic music we managed to thrive in the new era with the likes of X-press 2 and Freemasons as well as Fatboy Slim proving he's still one of the best ever dance producers in the world with his recent top 3 hit 'Eat Sleep Rave Repeat' just a few months ago."

Skint manage to release quirky underground records alongside worldwide hit singles and a stunning collection of videos - who can forget the legendary Christopher Walken's appearance in 'Weapon Of Choice' and Spike Jonze on 'Praise You'. Damian Harris aka Midfield General adds: "We have many amazing memories from raucous club nights at the Concorde and the sight of a quarter of a million people stretched across Brighton seafront for the Big Beach Boutique. Even though our success took us around the world our home & inspiration was always Brighton. Sorry about the mess we made of the beach that time but thank you for, not only, letting us sponsor The Albion but for the clubs, DJ's and punters that inspired us to make music. I would like to thank all the artists who have given us such brilliant records to release, the Skint family for making it such a joy and pleasure, and to everyone that bought our records, came to our club nights and generally made the whole experience such a happy one."

We'd love you to share your memories as well as Skint and Loaded enter into a new chapter in their history.

Monday, 7th April 2014

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