Sergio Fernandez - Bad Idea / Arkadia

Sergio Fernandez, the notorious Spanish house producer with unquestionable skill, sets up for the release of his new EP, "Bad Idea / Arkadia".

Bad Idea kicks off the EP and aims to lift the roof. Splashy hats and shakers are laid over looping chords and a rhythmic, bubbling synth pattern. Peppered with a deep vocal sample asking “can you feel it”, the track builds dramatically through massive, filtered breakdowns to ensure that you do just that. Arkadia takes on a straighter, darker groove with rattling percussion and a chaotic builds pushing through the track. Airy synths take you towards a peak-time dance floor with the hypnotic murmuring of speech, giving it a psychedelic feel.

A pumping high-end drone swells through the intro to Murder He Wrote’s mix of Bad Idea. What follows is a deep, infectious groove, made up of shuffling shakers and swelling chords, all laid over a thick bassline with sounds reminiscent of early acid. MHW combines the original vocal sample with soft, angelic chords and distant crashes to round of the EP to perfection.

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Monday, 4th March 2013

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