Ramon Tapia - I Call It Bass

Ramon Tapia is back to the brassic floor. His killer 2 track EP last Spring, “Trolley / The Ride”, surfed many of the dance store charts and positioned it as one of our favorite Skint releases of late.

Veering away from the familiar sounds of Ramon’s productions, ‘I Call It Bass’ develops a haunting melody coupled with a grunge like male voice. The eerie synth stabs penetrate through the hi-hats to give this number a late night moody feel.

Ramon also delivers the Dubba Dub, providing an alternative layer to the track as it journeys through the tech house vibe. Garage influenced hats pierce through the rolling kick turning this version into a peak time track for the underground. The breakdown comes in reminiscent of the original, putting you in a whirlwind of spooky euphoria.

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Monday, 29th April 2013

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