Mihalis Safras - I Am / Second Coming (Remixes)

Mihalis Safras brought his A game to the label with his debut release with us, “I Am / Second Coming”, and now its back with a facelift from Mark Broom, Ben Sims and Jewel Kid.

Mark Broom opens up the package with his remix of I Am. His signature techno persona merging the thundering kick drum with phuture technoid sounds. The deep, dark bass paces the song with an electric undercurrent that leaves the hairs on your arms on edge. Ben Sims takes on round 2 providing us with a hard marching beat that leaves the vocal echoes of the Original in its dust, if the original didn’t scream TECHNO loud enough in your face…this sure as hell will.

Jewel Kid bravely takes on the autumnal feel of tech house B-side Second Coming, turns up the heat and gets the ears warmed up for the Summer of dance ahead.

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Tuesday, 5th February 2013

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