20th Anniversary of X-Press 2's "Muzik Xpress"

Previously released as X-Press 2's debut single on the legendary 'Junior Boys Own' 20 years ago, Muzik Xpress is still one of the top dance floor tracks of all time. 20 years later and we re-release the single with a special anniversary remix giving the track new direction and an opportunity for the new generation to appreciate some of the finest house music from the 90’s.

Eats Everything has taken on remix duty to provide us with his trademark sound. A successful adaptation of an old classic into a contemporary style which results in a truly lethal dance-floor weapon with the staple Dirtybird / Futureboogie signature. Launching almost immediately into a monstrous, squelching bass-line it wastes no time in getting down to the priorities, whilst the iconic 'music' vocal sample loops and warbles through a low pass filter. Bubbling, delayed lazers, klaxons and drones ring out through taken from his early influences from early Detroit techno and acid house.

Friday, 5th October 2012

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