R.I.P. Shem McCauley

It is with great sadness that news has reached us that Shem McCauley passed away on Monday 23rd January. Shem was an immensely talented producer who recorded several tracks for Loaded under the names Ramp and Slacker with his production partner Simon Rogers.  Ramp's 'Rock The Discotek' was one of Loaded's early big hits whilst their Slacker recordings were seminal productions that remain dance classics to this day - 'Scared' and 'Your Face' went on to become big crossover hits.

Before his time with Loaded, Shem was also one of the most prominent 'scratch mix' hip hop DJs under his moniker DJ Streets Ahead with many remixes to his name.  He could often be found demonstrating his skills at parties with fellow hip hop devotees such as Norman Cook and Chad Jackson. Shem continued to produce and perform all over the world and ran his own label Jukebox In The Sky until a few years ago when he moved to Thailand and embarked on a complete lifestyle change, practising and teaching Yoga. As someone who was closely involved in the early days of the Loaded label as well as a great friend and character, Shem will be very much missed.

Tim Jeffery & JC Reid.

Wednesday, 25th January 2012

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