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Better Lost Than Stupid have dropped their debut single, ‘Alto’, for Skint Records. Released on 27 October, ‘Alto’, is the first new material from their as yet untitled debut album.

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The Count (& Sinden), Machine’s Don’t Care, Speaker Junk, Voodoo Chilli, Action Man, the list goes on and on. If you’ve been anywhere near a dancefloor over the past few years it’s a fair bet that you’ve cut some rug to some of the above’s productions.

The common link? They’re all different aliases used by Joshua ‘Hervé’ Harvey, Cheap Thrills label boss, in demand DJ, remixer to just about everyone there has ever been and one of the most acclaimed dance music producers of the past decade.

His collaboration with Sinden as The Count & Sinden produced a club classic in the form of ‘Beeper’ with the album ‘Mega Mega Mega’ – featuring appearances from the likes of Katy B, Bashy and Mystery Jets - forming a genre-busting snapshot of club culture that saw the pair distil electronic music and new sounds from all around the world into something completely fresh.

Hervé’s early releases on Dubsided such as ‘Cheap Thrills’ and ‘Foxxy’ were genre defining and he has continued to produce huge club records such as ‘Together’ and ‘Better Than A BMX’. Over the years Joshua has been remixing tracks from the likes of Kidda (‘Under the Sun’), Usher (‘Climax’), and Beyonce (‘Countdown’), to the Chemical Brothers, Orbital, Faithless, Basement Jaxx, Prodigy, Calvin Harris, Bloc Party and many more.

2012 finally saw the release of the first Hervé album: ‘Pick Me Up, Sort Me Out, Calm Me Down.’ While it’s uproarious 13 tracks saw sing-a-long dancefloor moments next to fist-pumping beats on tunes like ‘Better Than A BMX and ‘Show Me The Light’, stop dancing long enough to listen a little deeper and there are some clues as to what was to follow. Tracks like ‘Gloomin’ and ‘Bike Ride in June’, and particularly “the Mirror’ (featuring legendary Beta Band vocalist Steve Mason) hinted at yet another side to Hervé.

He followed his muse and true to his amazing work ethic, soon released another album called ‘The Art Of Disappearing’ in 2013. This deep, superb, and sometimes dark, long player included guest appearances from Maria Minerva, Niki & The Dove, Austra and Seasfire.Hervé has not lost his love of the club however and 2014 will see him collaborate with Armand Van Helden and release a series of underground jacking club releases.

Away from his busy production output, Josh utilises his skill for spotting talent, running his own Cheap Thrills label; a label that has provided a launch pad for some of the biggest names in dance music today including Fake Blood and Jack Beats.

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